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Bryght AI analyzes customer conversations (with your chatbot or human agents) to provide unique insights across multiple dimensions


Signals extracted by Bryght AI


A prediction of how satisfied the user would be for each conversation/comment/review 

Conversion, Upsell, Cross-sell

A prediction of conversion, upsell or cross-sell likelihood 


A prediction of how likely is the customer to churn 

Dialog Navigation and Intent fulfillment

Effectiveness of the Virtual Agent / Chatbot in navigating the user through the dialog tree 

Product/ Feature/ Competitor references

Detect if the conversation/comment/review includes references for product/feature/competitor terms of interest to you 

Topic maps / Intent Maps

Automatically tag conversations for topics / intents – useful to identify trending topics / issues / patterns 

Sentiments and Abuse

Positive/negative/neutral sentiments present in the conversation/comment/review


Detect if the conversation includes any violations of regulatory (e.g. GDPR, HIPAA, etc) or enterprise brand/policy 

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